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Our applications range from simple material handling, like stowing parts, to assembly of products such as assemblies of sand packs in the foundry industry.

We develop robotic cells with the particular needs of each client, as some devices devices that do not have the same communication features.

RR Tekniikka has a group of specialists in programming with robots´ major brands.


Within our catalog

RR Tekniikka has experience with the following brands of robots:

Within the robotics field, the mechanical department is responsible for developing grippers as to provide a complete solution including the security perimeter with the appropriate elements for operation.

In this way we can cover operating and costs needs of each of our customers, always exceeding expectations.

RR Tekniikka S.A. de C.V.

One of the fields that has developed more strongly in RR Tekniikka is the handling of products.




Within the field of robotic cells we develop cells, servo motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic servo valves.

Our design department has developed mechanical conveyors of different characteristics for different operating environments.

We develop conveyors of: non contact, friction with zones, elevators, turntables, etc.

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Allowing us to handle the most widely used industry standards

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